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Aging in place independently has never been easier
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* 2013 Survey: A place to call home
Realtime notifications when an incident happens means that you do not need to actively monitor anything.
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Give your loved ones the gift of independence.
83% of seniors would prefer to age in place, rather than at an assisted-living facility or with family members.*
* 2013 Survey: A place to call home
Privacy Preservation
Ensure your loved one’s safety without disturbing their privacy. Cypress keeps an eye while keeping your life private!
Fall Prevention
We provide you with detailed daily analytics that can help you prevent incidents before they happen.
Fall Detection
Cypress continually checks the behaviour of everyone in the room and sends an alert to you immediately if it detects a fall.
Bedside Monitoring
Fall out of bed detection and night vision make Cypress one of the best bedside monitoring devices out there.
Realtime notifications when an incident happens means that you do not need to actively monitor anything.
Peace of Mind
No matter where you are, with Cypress you’ll always know how your loved ones are doing.
Privacy Built Into The Core
Cypress was created with privacy in mind at every step
No Personal Information
We do not store any personally identifiable information on the device.
Encrypted Communication
All communication between Cypress and the cloud are end-to-end encrypted.
Stick Figure Incident Recreation
Incident playback is recreated with “stick figures” for maximum privacy.
Take Preventive Measures
Cypress can help you prevent incident before they happen
Gait Analysis
Cypress performs ongoing gait analysis and lets you know if your loved ones are at risk of falling.
Behaviour Analytics
Cypress app provides you with daily detailed analytics that can help you make better decisions to improve the lives of your loved ones.
Incident Area Visualization
A visual heatmap highlights the areas that the falls have occurred so that you can take measure to prevent them from happening again.
State of the Art Fall Detection
Round the Clock Monitoring
Cypress can work 24/7 even in complete darkness
Infrared Emitters
9 powerful infrared LEDs automatically turn on when it gets dark so that Cypress can continue detecting activities in the dark.
Fall Out of Bed Detection
Falling out of bed is a major cause of injury for seniors. With Cypress you can have 24/7 fall out of bed detection while maintaining your loved ones’ privacy.
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